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3D Modelling

The point cloud data collected from 3D laser scanning can be utilised to develop 3D models of the incident scene or structure.


Data can be presented in simple formats such as a surface mesh, 2D CAD sections, 3D wireframe or 3D surface model. Where more detail is required models can be delivered in various formats such as 3D mesh or solid models with plain grey surfaces or 3D photorealistic models with textured surfaces.  We have access to many different types of modelling software including AutoCAD, 3ds Max and Revit and are able to produce models to the clients requirements.


3D incident scene modelling 


3D models of incidents scenes are effective tools to illustrate possible injury causation scenarios. 


This project involved using point cloud data to build a model of the incident scene with human bipeds camera matched with CCTV footage of the subject during the incident.  More details on this case are available in Injury Biomechanics and News


This slide show illustrates the various models available from surface meshing of the point cloud to detailed 3D photorealistic models with textured surfaces to match those at the scene. 


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