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3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning provides high-speed digital measurements of any object in the form of colour points, which form a point cloud. This surveying method is very effective as large surface areas can be measured very quickly with minimal disruption. Data can be provided geo-referenced to local or world co-ordinates. Point clouds can be used to create 2D CAD drawings or 3D models for visualisation. 


Our laser scanning and surveying equipment and services include:

  • Long range Topcon GLS-2000 eye safe class 1 and class 3R scanners with a range of 350m with RGB colourised point clouds

  • Short range Faro Focus X130 eye safe class 1 scanners with a range of 130m with RGB colourised point clouds

  • High quality colour image capture using the new iSTAR camera with panoramic online viewer allowing high dynamic range (HDR) colorization of point cloud data

  • Accurate, high quality survey control of complex structures to coordinate scan data to National Grids using network/RTK GPS

  • Aerial photogrammetry surveys to generate high resolution orthomosaics and DSM

  • Data can be supplied in a range of formats and post processing can be undertaken to suit client needs including surface meshing, contour plots and animated fly-throughs

  • In addition data can be presented in Truview, Faro Webshare, Recap360 or other online viewers


Previous projects include:


  • 3D point cloud fly-thoughs to conceptualise potential redevelopment 

  • Waterside streetscapes to conduct flood risk studies 

  • Architectural visualisation

  • Rooftop laser scans to complete current cityscape for planning purposes

  • Providing accurate measurements of inaccessible areas to assist with decommissioning planning

  • Providing point clouds for 3D modelling applied to Building Information Management (BIM)


Victoria Pier, Jersey 


​Coastal and marine structures are located in harsh corrosive environments subjected to average regular wave forces and occasional extreme wave forces. 3D laser scanning can identify issues to avoid major failures and ascertain maintenance and repair requirements. Laser scans were taken of this site to commence a condition monitoring programme to regularly assess the structure. Cracks in the upper deck had been identified and remedial measures were planned. 


The Topcon GLS-2000 was used to capture the scan data and the iSTAR camera provided high quality RGB. High resolution laser scanning was requested in the berth areas where the Faro Focus X130 scanner was used. 

Streetscape, Jersey 


These street level point cloud fly-thoughs were utilised by our client to illustrate how a proposed building design would look as part of the existing environment. 


Building design models within point cloud data can be used for public consultation or to showcase design concepts to clients. 





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